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The Student Experience: How First Day® Complete Works

January 23, 2023

How does the First Day Complete equitable access model actually work? Get a step-by-step look at the student experience to see how better access, convenience and affordability prepares students for success on the first day of class and beyond.

Watch to Understand

  • How the bookstore communicates with students – primarily via email, students’ preferred channel
  • What students see – personalized course pages and more
  • What actions students need to take – review pre-filled list of materials and select how they want to receive any print materials

Students receive all required course materials by the first day of class with First Day Complete. They take advantage of personalized concierge service, which provides all physical and digital materials via in-store pickup, shipping or electronic delivery. Course material costs are bundled into tuition or applied as a course charge, saving students an average of 35-50% over their academic journey.

While students get improved access, affordability and convenience, it’s about more than just the experience. They see meaningful results in the classroom, too. Equitable access programs are proven to positively impact the student experience and student outcomes, including being better prepared for class and achieving higher course completion rates. 

For more on students’ perspectives and experiences with First Day Complete, check out our recent survey results and additional feedback below.

Feedback from Students

“All I had to do was go to the bookstore’s designated area before classes started, give them my phone number, and show the email I received saying that the materials were ready for pickup.”

–University of Southern Mississippi student

“It’s very easy and can save you a lot of money and stress, especially for new students entering college. Also, they give a consistent good quality.”

–Campbell University student

“I would recommend this program to every student. It takes the process of buying the necessary course materials very simple and ensures that you always have the right materials for class.”

–Daemon College student

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